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African Spirituality: Liberating Africans By Any Means Necessary

James Small 
Live Sessions

Easy online access to lectures and live sessions. Eye-opening & thought-provoking information to enrich your knowledge and find out more about the history of African people.

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Prof. James Small YouTube Channel

Prof. James Small YouTube Channel

A uniquely online African spiritual history video library. Let's enrich our knowledge about African history, culture & sacred science(spirituality) throughout the ages.

About Prof. Small

Scholar activist, Dynamic Speaker, and Organizational Consultant

Professor James Small is a scholar activist, dynamic speaker, organizational consultant. He is also CEO of Sanaa Lodge Enterprise, Ghana, Ltd.; CEO & President, African-American Management Company, Ghana, Ltd.; International Vice President, Organization of Afro-American Unity (O.A.A.U.); Priest of Oya, Babalorisha, Ifa Tradition; and past President of the Eastern Region of the Association for the study of Classical African Civilization (ASCAC).

Prof. James Small has been an activist since his teenage years. His in-depth knowledge, thought-provoking and calm delivery are influential elements to break the programming of mis-education. He studies extensively with Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Yosef A. A. ben Jochannan, Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Asa Hilliard, Dr. Wade Nobles, to name a few. 

Prof. James Small has traveled extensively lecturing at churches, conventions, seminars, workshops, colleges, and universities, throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. His informative, eye-opening and dynamic presentations have caused him to be recognized as one of the most distinguished activist scholar of our time.

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I love your delivery! I could listen to you all day long...I close my eyes and absorb every word you speak. Thanks for opening up my mind to relate to my African blackness and wisdom that I know I can tap spiritual self is growing..thanks to you...ASE

 - Rita - 

Peace Ra, from the Bantwane people in Sub-Saharan Africa. We  love you and, we continue to uplift in our prayers as you teach about this wonderful truth about history. Peace and Love be with you.”

 - Bophelo - 

Awesome information. Professor Small never let us down. He always bring information to uplift our people with the truth. Thanks Professor Small.

 - Christopher -








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